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The Herbal Bond Massage is only available for 90 Minutes duration. Each Herbal Bond used in the massage is imported and costs R130 and two new herbal compress balls are required for each massage. The costs involved in using the heating apparatus to keep the balls at the right heat also is factored in.


90 Minutes = R900







I would like to welcome you to my SPA HEALING HOUSE. I am Asirawan LEENA Mellet and I come from a small farming town called Sinakon in the Sukhothai Province of Thailand. I am a graduate of the Wat Pho Buddhist Temple's Traditional Medical School.


Asirawan Siam Healing House offers an authentic Thai Massage experience here in Cape Town in the tradition of the Wat Pho Temple Traditional Medical School of Bangkok, by qualified Wat Pho therapists. To give you further understanding of Thai Massage and the Wat Pho Traditional Medical School, I invite you to watch the above video.


The proper name for the Thai Massage healing arts is NUAD BORAN and not everything called Thai Massage is the authentic Thai practice. Nuad Baron is a skilful combination of applying both broad and targeted acupressure, finding and dissolving blockages, stimulating energy lines, opening and toning the body with yoga-like stretches and, allowing and encouraging the reciever to engage in a process of self-healing, deep relaxation, and renewal.

To accomplish this the therapist has to literally listen to the client's body, learning to sense energy flow and blockages as she works and needs to rely on intuition, sensitivity and stillness as a guide. Much of the healing that takes place during a session results from the combined efforts of both the practitioner and the receiver. The client must have the right state of mind and must engage spiritually with their own healing while the therapist works on their body. The Thai therapists facilitate and encourage healing in others through their healing art and the atmosphere of safety, trust and confidence that they establish and uphold in their practice.


You will guide the therapist as to what level of pressure (soft, medium or hard) to apply. You can also tell the therapist what part of your body is sore or feeling strain. The therapist is quite adept at finding the source area for the pain. These are FULL BODY massages as it is often the case that pain is radiated from another part of the body, rather than where you are feeling the pain or discomfort.




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Asirawan 'LEENA' Mellet

Ratchadapron 'NAN' Deeying

The Thai Oil Massage is our most popular offering. This combines some of the stretches in Traditional Thai Massage but the focus of this treatment is applied pressure and gentle manipulation of the muscles and joints from the feet to the head.


With this massage oil is used on the skin, and some heat treatment is also provided. You are asked to strip down to just keeping your briefs on. The therapist uses her hand, arms and feet to apply the pressure and will always ensure that you are comfortable. This a FULL BODY massage.

The Thai Oil Massage is of 1 hour, 90 Minutes, or 2 hour duration. The duration is your choice.


Authentic Thai Massage is not a quickie 15 minute or half hour process. It is also not just a matter of having a foot massage or neck and shoulders massage. These may make you feel a little better for an hour or two, but it does not effect real change in the body. It is all about relaxing, de-stressing and healing.


1 Hour = R350        or        90 Minutes = R450

2 Hours = R700


The Traditional Thai Massage is of 1 hour, 90 Minutes, or 2 hour duration. The duration is your choice.

Authentic Thai Massage is not a quickie 15 minute or half hour process. This type of stretching and manipulation of muscles and joints requires time. After the massage you will feel a bit dazed and should go home and relax to get its full benefit.


1 Hour = R350         or      90 Minutes = R450

2 Hours = R700



Traditional Thai Massage is FULL BODY massage comprising of yoga-type stretching and manipulation of the body. It is an ancient eastern healing art rooted in Buddhist and Hindu societies. It requires your full participation and you will feel invigorated but a little dazed after treatment.


With this treatment you are given a light cotton suite to wear. This treatment generally involves no oil on the skin.  The therapist uses her hand, arms and feet to apply the pressure and will always ensure that you are comfortable.

Thai Herbal Bond Massage is a FULL BODY massage designed to do what a deep tissue massage accomplishes. Some people feel the need for a massage without the discomforts of hard pressure on the muscles.Here a ball of specially prepared herbs is tied in cloth and the entire ball is heated on a cooker alongside the massage table.


The heated bond of herbs is used on the trigger points across the body and herb infused heat does its work. The massage also inludes stretches and manipulation of muscles and joints.

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